The working condition of diamond saw blades affects the nerves of many people in charge of the enterprise. Because the diamond saw blade has a hard texture and excellent cutting performance, the diamond knife head is on the sawtooth,This directly determines its own higher market positioning. For ordinary alloy saw blades, the cost of scrap a piece of saw blade due to broken tooth is not high,But if it’s broken with a diamond saw blade, it’s a pain in the heart. The cause of the tooth-breaking of the diamond saw blade is a lot. In addition to the man-made improper operation, the problem of the manufacturing link is often the most easily overlooked place. Today, the saw owner wants to start with the production and processing of diamond saw blade, and give us an inventory of why diamond saw blade has broken teeth.

Reason 1: the temperature is too high when welding teeth
In the production of diamond saw blades, there is a very important production link, which is to weld the saw blade.As the core point of saw blade, sawtooth welding is not good, but it determines the overall quality of a diamond saw blade. At present, in the production link, the most common problem is that the welding temperature is not well controlled, resulting in the sawtooth welding effect can not reach the ideal state.Among them, when the diamond saw blade is welded, the temperature should be controlled within 950 ℃. If the welding temperature exceeds 950 ℃ when welding diamond sawtooth, a large number of maraging microstructure will appear on the sawtooth. Compared with the bainitic structure of saw blade matrix, once the welding temperature of sawtooth is not well controlled, the maraging structure appears on the sawtooth, but the hardness of sawtooth is lower than that of saw blade.In this case, once the diamond saw blade is put into production, there will certainly be tooth breakage. Therefore, for enterprises in which the saw blade is produced, the welding machine can sometimes be repaired, but it is always necessary to ensure that the various parameters of the welding machine cannot be changed. Otherwise, that can be a huge accident with a slight move, which is unacceptable to the enterprise, let alone tolerate it.

Cause 2: Operation without tempering
In order to avoid tooth breaking in diamond saw blade, in addition to strictly controlling the welding temperature of sawtooth, there is another place that we can not ignore, that is, tempering diamond saw blade. By tempering, the sawtooth microstructure of diamond saw blade can be changed into tempered martensite structure, and in the excessive area between sawing tooth and matrix, the tempered bending body and tempered martensite structure can be changed. Through tempering, we not only improve the toughness of diamond saw blade, but also make the sawtooth of diamond saw blade more difficult to break after tempering.

The above is the reason that Solin diamond saw blade manufacturer explained to you the reason of diamond saw blade tooth breakage, I hope it can bring help to you.