In many of our production, Pick and Place Machine has been widely used. In the process of using SMT, we may encounter the phenomenon that the mark point of SMT fails. His main reason is that the circuit board is not in place, so how should we deal with this situation? Now let’s talk about the solution to the problem that the chip Pick and Place Machine’s circuit board is not in place.

Solution to circuit board not in place:

One. Check whether the sensing signal in the working area of the Pick and Place Machine is effective. If not, adjust the sensitivity button of the sensor to make the signal valid.

Two. The sensor in the work area is too far away from the baffle, resulting in the entry plate not in place. Adjust the position of the sensor in the working area and adjust the direction close to the stop.

Three. Transmission speed is too fast. The top frame hits the baffle and causes a rebound. Reduce the transmission speed or adjust the position of the sensor in the work area. Adjust the direction away from the flaps.

Four. The plate stroke is out of adjustment due to loosening the plate fixing screws. Tighten the plate screws and enter the plate manually. Manually move the camera of the Pick and Place Machine to the makr point of the programming interface. Observe the location of the marked points in the image. Position so that the center of the mark is close to the cross.