Diamond saw blades play an important role in all walks of life, especially in construction industry and stone processing enterprises. Diamond saw blades are mainly composed of matrix, synthetic diamond powder and nickel. The classification and specification of diamond sand are described below.

The commonly used diamond sand belongs to silicon carbide, and its color varies according to the type and content of impurities. In the field of diamond saw blades, silicon carbide with relatively high purity is commonly used, and its color is light green. Its purity is about 97% or more. Its self-sharpening is very good. The hardness of silicon carbide is very high. It is called artificial diamond and synthetic diamond powder in the industry.

Therefore, the price of diamond saw blade is quite high, so the price of diamond saw blades is very high. The lattice is relatively high. Compared with other kinds of saw blade, diamond saw blades are durable due to the high strength, high wear resistance, stable chemical performance and high thermal conductivity of silicon carbide.