In the process of using the Pick and Place Machine, mark point is the point used for positioning when the machine is used for welding. In other words, in the circuit board design, the printed circuit board is applied to the position identification point of the Pick and Place Machine. To a certain extent, the selection of the mark points will directly affect the efficiency of the Pick and Place Machine. We usually have such a problem when we use the Pick and Place Machine. The mark point detection can’t be solved. Let’s have a look

1. Mark point deformation.

Processing scheme: in the main interface, click the “manual detection of mark points” button, manually obtain the coordinates of two mark points in the pop-up dialog box, confirm, start and skip the mark point detection.

2. The circuit board is not in place.

Processing scheme: check whether the sensor signal in the working area is effective. If it is effective, adjust the sensitivity knob of the sensor to make the signal effective. At the same time, check whether the sensor in the working area is too far away from the baffle plate and whether the plate is not in place. If it is, adjust the position of the sensor in the working area, and adjust the direction close to the baffle.

3. There is dirt on the mark point of the circuit board.

Solution: clean the mark point position of the Pick and Place Machine.

4. The image brightness is too high or too low.

Processing scheme: when the image brightness is too high or too low, adjust the image parameters of the marker camera: brightness and contrast to make the imaging brightness of the marker point reach the appropriate state.

5. Image visual parameters are set too high.

Processing scheme: if the mark point setting parameters of the Pick and Place Machine are set too high, the search score, edge threshold and short edge parameters should be reset in the visual interface. Alternatively, you can manually move the marker camera over the mark point in the programming interface, adjust the light source to the appropriate brightness, and then click the “update visual parameters” button to confirm.