Product Information:

Product Model SL-816 Temperature zone Top 8/Bottom 8
Heating zone length 3100MM Heating mode Small circulation of hot air
Number of cooling zones 1 Maximum PCB Width 450MM
Transportation Direction Left-right (or right-left) Height of conveyor belt 880 ± 20 MM
Transmission Mode Mesh belt drive Speed of conveyor belt 0-1800mm/min
Power Supply 3-phase 380V50Hz Starting power 32KW
Normal operating power 7KW Heating time About 15 minutes
Temperature Control Range Room temperature ~ 350°C Temperature control mode Computer + PLc Control
Resolution accuracy of temperature control ±1°C Abnormal alarm Temperature anomaly
Exterior Dimensions 4600*950*1450 MM Weight of machine 1600KG

Product Advantages:

All temperature zones are heated up and down separately: independent hot air
Independent temperature control, each temperature zone control
Temperature Accuracy ± 1°C
Modular heating structure can effectively prevent the influence of air flow in the temperature range and ensure that the components are heated.
Uniform, lateral temperature deviation < ± 2°C
The upper furnace body is opened by pneumatic jacking, which is safe, reliable and convenient for furnace cleaning.
Special longevity nickel curium heating wire type heat source, with abundant power and fast temperature rise, from room temperature to
Constant temperature less than 20 minutes
The imported high-speed air transporting motor is directly connected to drive for thermal circulation, with low noise and small vibration.
High thermal cycle efficiency
It is controlled by upper and lower computers with PLC industrial control products, which has first-class stability.
Double synchronous transmission system with guide rail chain and mesh belt and oil lubrication system

The guide rail is specially made of high-quality aluminum alloy with high hardness, high strength, small deformation and high precision.
It has the function of delay switch protection to prevent the transmission parts from deforming due to uneven cooling.
It has power-off protection function to ensure normal output of PB board without damage after power-off.
With over-temperature acousto-optic alarm and emergency braking system
Simplified and traditional Chinese MMI operation interface and artificial intelligence software control greatly facilitate
Use by users.
It has perfect on-line temperature test curve and functions of analysis, storage, transfer and printing.
Special temperature acquisition module, high precision and fast speed, with cold end compensation function
Double cooling zone design, suitable for lead-free process welding.
It has the function of timing automatic shutdown
Flux recovery device, no filter element design, effectively prolongs furnace cleaning period