SL-612E Six temperature zone Reflow Oven

Product Model SL-612E Temperature zone Top 6/Bottom 6
Heating zone length 2400MM Heating mode Small circulation of hot air
Number of cooling zones 2 Maximum PCB Width 350MM
Transportation Direction Left-right (or right-left) Height of conveyor belt 880 ± 20 MM
Transmission Mode net bring transmission Speed of conveyor belt 0-1500mm/min
Power Supply 5-wire 3-phase 380V50/60Hz Starting power 16KW
Normal operating power 5KW Heating time About 15 minutes
Temperature Control Range Room temperature ~ 400°C Temperature control mode Instrument Control
Resolution accuracy of temperature control ±1°C Abnormal alarm Temperature anomaly
Exterior Dimensions 3500*700*1300MM Weight of machine 450KG

Product Advantages :

The heating system adopts Swedish nickel-branded heating tube with high efficiency and energy saving, and the peak wavelength of radiation power is used.
4UM, with curved surface reflector, high thermal efficiency, fast temperature rise speed, special force
Hot air circulation structure system makes PCB and components heated evenly and completely eliminated
Shadow effect

The Swiss GARL0 (Jiale) high-current solid-state relay is used for contactless output, which is safe.
Reliable, combined with the unique modular control function of the thermostat
Direct monitoring of external temperature and
Changes in caloric value
Pulse control heating device, fast response, protect
The accuracy of temperature control is ± 1 ℃, the error of temperature distribution in the machine is within ± 2 ℃, and the length is square.
The distribution to the temperature conforms to IPC standard.

The error of temperature distribution in the machine is within ± 2 ℃, and the temperature distribution in the length direction conforms to IPC
Special P1D intelligent operation precision controller, through P1D intelligent operation, automatic control
Heat production
The fuzzy control function adds overshoot and suppression functions and responds quickly to the outside.