[Model] SL-1503
[Power Supply] AC220V/50Hz
[Power] 5KW/1.5 KW
[Weight] 120KG
[Dimension] 1500*610*450mm (Position of indicator light H595MM)

Product Model : SL-1503 Heating Temperature Zone: 3
Heating zone length 1000MM Heating element Vacuum ultra-long life Ni-Cr heater
Heating mode Turbocharged Full Hot Air Temperature Zone Independent Small Cycle Forced Heating Rapid Heating/Power Saving and Energy Saving
Complete machine control mode operation panel key plus microcomputer intelligent instrument P1D closed-loop control  
Heating time < 10 minutes Number of cooling zones 1
Cooling mode Constant flow forced air cooling Temperature control accuracy ±1° C
PCB lateral deviation ± 2 ° C Maximum PCB Width Transverse width of mesh belt 300MM
Allowable height of parts 30MM Height of conveyor belt Mesh belt 250 + 20MM
Transportation Direction Left → Right Transmission Mode Stainless steel B-shaped mesh belt
Belt speed 150-220MM/MN Abnormal alarm Ultra-high temperature alarm