Automatic board unloading machine

Product Features

It adopts touch screen display, PLC control and function table operation interface, which is easy to use.

It has a wide range of applications, can use standard material racks, has strong versatility, and can accommodate up to 6 material racks.

The lifting step distance of the material rack can be set according to the height or thickness of the PCB.

Automatic output statistics and output query.

Direction selectable from LR

Signal is standard and can be connected online with other equipment.

Suitable for SMT and AI production plate feeding



Control mode PLC
PCB dimensions 50*50* 0. 8mW250 *L330*2mm
Transfer height 900 ± 20 m
Transmission Direction L→R
Step Selecting 10/20/30/40/50
Material rack specification 320*350*570
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ


PCB Transfer Direction


Gas source


Net Weight 200kg
Outline Dimensions 1980L*1020W*1250H