Diamond Grinding Shoes

Diamond Grinding Shoes come in several metal bonds designed specifically for the different types of concrete hardness:

Black: 1st cut, 25/30 grits, for concrete floor prep

Red: 2nd cut, 40/50 grits, for removal scratch

White: 3rd cut, 80/100 grits, for removal scratch

Yellow: 4th cut, 120/140 grits, for the final step

The Quick Change metal bond tools are offered with one and two segments. Choosing between one or two segments allows the operator to control the speed and aggressiveness of the cut. Two segment shoes are designed for heavier machines and are not recommended for machines smaller than 25 inches. Single-segment tools are designed for lighter machines, or where aggressive stock removal is required. We recommend using single-segment shoes for the first step even with heavier machines for faster opening of the concrete.

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