Gang Saw Segment

Solin has accumulated technical experience in the development of diamond tools in the past 20 years. The self-made diamond gang saw segments are all made of the best raw materials, the most precise processing equipment and mature and stable production technology. The gang saw matrix is all made of the world’s best high-strength alloy steel strips, with good toughness, high strength and long service life. Corrosion resistance. Our diamond gangsaw segments is suitable for cutting marble, artificial granite, artificial quartzite and sandstone. It has the following characteristics:

Good sharpness, fast cutting speed.
Long cutting life, low cost.
High precision of cutting, smooth cutting surface of plates, equal thickness. And it can reduce the cost of polishing.
High efficiency of production, high outturn rate.
Low noise. It saves water and electricity, and meets national standard of environmental protection.


Saw length


Saw width


Steel Blank


Segment size


Segment number
3950 180 1.7/2.0/2.5/3.0 20*2.6/3.0*8




4100 180
4200 180
4350 180
4400 180

Other specifications are available upon request

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