Diamond Tools for

Solin specializes in manufacturing Precision Diamond Tools for Photonics and Precision Optics Industries. We understand the problems you are facing in machining optical materials and stepped up to meet this challenge by developing Precision Diamond Products and technology that will help achieve closer tolerances and smoother surface finish. As leader in new product development, we continue to raise standards for the whole industry. Typical applications include: connectors, lenses, wave guides, fiber arrays, laser optics, mirrors, wafers, and many others. Whether you are a small fabricator or a leading Fortune 500 company, you can rely on us to improve and optimize you photonics/optical fabrication operation to its ultimate level of efficiency.

Optical Materials 


                                           UV MATERIALS MIRROR SUBSTRATE MATERIAL
                                           EXCIMER GRADE FUSED SILICA ZERODUR
                                           UV GRADE CaF2 ULE
                                           QUARTZ STAINLESS STEEL
                                           YAG ALUMINIUM
                                           BK-7 IR MATERIALS
                                           ZKN-7 SILICON
                                           PYREX, TEMPAX GERMANIUM
                                           VARIOUS FLINT TYPES ZNSE
                                           VARIOUS CROWN TYPES ZNS
                                           VARIOUS FILTER TYPES GLASS
                                BOROFLOAT GLASS MANY OTHERS