Woodworking saw blade – precautions for use of diamond saw blade:
1. When installing the saw blade, the performance and use of the machine must be confirmed first. It is better to read the instructions of the machine first. So as not to cause accidents.
2. When using the saw blade, first confirm the rotation speed of the main shaft of the machine, and do not exceed the maximum rotation speed that the saw blade can reach, otherwise it is easy to crack and other dangers.
3. When using, workers must do a good job of accident protection, such as wearing protective covers, gloves, helmets, labor protection shoes, protective glasses, etc.
4. Before installing the saw blade, check whether the main shaft of the machine has runout or large swing clearance. When installing, tighten the saw blade with a blue disk and a nut. After installing, check whether the central hole of the saw blade is firmly fixed.
It is fixed on the flange plate of the table. When there is a gasket, the gasket ring must be covered. After embedding, gently push the saw blade by hand to confirm whether the rotation is eccentric and shaking.
5. When installing the saw blade, it is necessary to check whether the saw blade is cracked, distorted, leveled or toothed. If there is any of the above problems, it is strictly prohibited to use it.
6. The saw teeth are extremely sharp. It is forbidden to collide or scratch. It must be handled with care. It can not only prevent the injury to human body, but also avoid the damage to the cutting edge of the cutter head and affect the cutting effect.
7. After the saw blade is installed, it must be confirmed whether the central hole of the saw blade is firmly fixed on the flange plate of the saw table, and if there is a gasket, the gasket must be well covered; then, gently push the saw blade by hand to confirm the rotation of the saw blades.
Whether the movement is eccentric.
8. The cutting direction indicated by the saw blade arrow must be aligned with the rotation direction of the saw table. It is strictly forbidden to install in the opposite direction, which may lead to tooth dropping.
9. Pre rotation time: after replacing the saw blade, it is required to pre rotate for one minute before use, and the cutting can only be carried out when the saw table is in working state.
10. If you hear abnormal sound during use, if you see abnormal shaking or abnormal section, please stop the operation and find out the cause of the abnormality, and replace the saw blade in time.
11. In case of peculiar smell or smoke, shut down the machine for inspection in time to avoid fire caused by electric leakage and high temperature friction.
12. According to the different machines, cutting materials and cutting requirements, the feeding mode and feeding speed need to have a corresponding coordination. It is not allowed to forcibly speed up or delay the feeding speed outside, otherwise it will cause great damage to the saw blades and even the machine.
13. When cutting wood materials, we should pay attention to timely chip removal. The use of suction chip removal can timely remove the wood chips that block the saw blade, and at the same time play a certain role in cooling the saw blade.
14. For cutting metal materials such as aluminum alloy, copper pipe, etc., cold cutting method shall be adopted as far as possible, and appropriate cutting coolant shall be used, which can effectively cool down the saw blade and ensure the smooth and clean cutting surface.