Characteristic of synthetic diamond crushing material: incomplete crystal, irregular crystal shape, rough surface, sharp and wear-resistant.
Main role
Uses: Used in manufacturing resin bond or ceramic bond abrasives for processing cemented carbide, non-metal and abrasive polishing. Synthetic diamond powder

1. When making resin bonded abrasives, they are mainly used for grinding the outer circle of cemented carbide cutting tools, measuring tools, ball teeth of cone drills, the plane of dies and grooving, etc. For example, resin grinding wheel.

2. When making electroplated bond abrasives, we mainly make electroplated diamond Shujin fruits and blanking knives, among which Shujin fruits are mainly used for the grinding of dies made of cemented carbide or refractory steel; blanking knives are used for blanking processing of optical glass and semiconductor silicon wafers. Synthetic diamond powder

3.  When making ceramic bond, it can satisfy the needs of high-precision grinding and high-efficiency grinding of difficult-to-machine materials and general materials, and is suitable for application in CNC grinding machine and automatic production line, such as flat, cup and bowl grinding wheels.