Diamond grinding wheel is made by welding diamond segments or cold pressing on metal matrix,The diamond tool head is formed by artificial industrial diamond and other metal powder, cold pressing and hot pressing sintering, and then welded to the bowl-shaped metal matrix. The diamond grinding wheel is usually mounted on a concrete sander to grind,Such as concrete, granite, marble and other stone materials, etc.

The diamond grinding wheel has different kinds and specifications to meet different application needs,It is commonly used to polish concrete, stone, paint, glue, epoxy resin and other floor coatings.

The diamond tips have different carcass, different particle sizes, and different diamond concentrations,the matrix can be divided into hard, medium, soft, etc., the particle size is coarse, medium, fine, etc,So their quality and use are different.

When we choose a diamond grinding wheel, we can choose the right one according to our own use. For example, when we are grinding the hard ground, we should choose the grinding wheel of the soft tire,if it is a rather soft ground, we can choose a relatively hard fetus.

For ground grinding with different roughness, it should also be appropriate to select the degree of particle size, usually, for rough grinding, we should choose soft matrix and high quality grinding wheel, and the particle size can be selected with large particle size,like 16#/20# or 30/40# to polish,the selection of this kind of suitable grinding wheel can increase the working efficiency.For fine grinding, we can also call it grinding and polishing, and we can choose hard tire and fine particle grinding wheel,like 80#-120#,And you can also choose other finer granularity according to the needs of grinding.