1. Diamond can not be naturally oriented and orderly arranged in the pre-alloyed powder, so the matrix powder should be cold-pressed into sheet-like thin billet first, and then the diamond is orderly and directionally distributed on the thin billet. The number of layers in a diamond segments is calculated according to the number of diamond layers designed (the number of layers in a diamond segments = the number of layers of diamond – 1). The amount of powder used for each thin blank is equal to the total weight of the diamond segments /number of thin blank layers.

2. According to the diamond arrangement designed by computer simulation, a hexahedral hole is punched on the copper template with a medium and small power laser. The thickness of the selected copper plate is slightly larger than the average diamond diameter, about 0.5mm, to ensure that the diamond can fall into the hole completely. The hole size should be greater than one time of the average diamond diameter and less than two times of the average diamond diameter to ensure that each hole can be incorporated into one diamond, but not two diamonds. Moreover, the orientation of diamond single crystals falling into the hole is the same, the proportion is 75%, thus realizing the orientation distribution of diamond single crystals.

3. Spray a thin layer of special pressure-sensitive adhesive on the thin blank of the matrix, then cover the perforated copper template on the thin blank, scatter the diamond on the copper plate, and then sweep the diamond into the hole to ensure that there is a diamond in each hole. When the perforated copper template is uncovered, diamonds form an orderly arrangement on the matrix.

4. Combine the thin blanks with directional ordered diamond on multi-layer cloth and form the shape of diamond saw blades segments by cold pressing machine. In order to eliminate the spraying pressure-sensitive adhesive as far as possible, the cold-pressed diamond blade segments is put into the vacuum sintering furnace and placed at 400 C for about half an hour to make the pressure-sensitive adhesive volatilize fully.

5. The diamond saw blades segments from the sintering furnace and the pressed diamond segments were molded and sintered by hot pressing together. In order to ensure the orderly arrangement of diamond particles after sintering, vertical die loading and transverse pressure should be adopted.

6. Finally, demoulding, arc grinding, welding, cutting and dressing.